About Wind Service HUB

Wind Service HUB is a partner providing skilled manpower for the management, servicing and installation of wind turbine generators onshore & offshore.

Wind Service HUB is a young company backed by 20 years of great professional experience in the leading companies and countries at the forefront of the wind industry.

We guarantee that our technical service experience on the field is being planned and managed effectively.

You can download our Quality and Environmental Management policy here.

People First


Wind Service HUB is a Service provider specializing in wind turbine generators, with Experts, Authorised Technicians AT, Limited Authorised Technicians L-AT and Competent Technicians CT. We all have technical & GWO certificates to facilitate, manage and support onshore & offshore projects.
We’re transparent, we’re productive and we’re reliable.

People First


Wind Service HUB has a mentality that is focused to the customers and operators. Wind Service HUB employees have excellent equipment, tools and working conditions allowing for a 100% optimal service thanks to an attractive shift system, consistent work performance and efficiently. In order to satisfy customers with the best quality service, fulfil labor expectations and appease operators.

People First


Skilled manpower for the wind industry, onshore & offshore.

Supporting Wind Turbine Generator installation and decommissioning.

Wind Turbine Generator full scope service.

Authorised Technicians

  • Maintenance
  • Supervision
  • Installation
  • Client Representation
  • Decommissioning
  • Quality inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Site management
  • Upgrades
  • Borescope inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Work Instructions creation
  • Approved Written Procedures creation


We are looking for WTG Technicians who are kind, honest, and have a strong work ethic.



Vegarrozadas 32 Castrillón 33450
Asturias – Spain

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